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About us

St. Grace Lilian College of Education was established in the year 2008 by "Indian Christian Mission Centre". It gives to impart value based education to the student community in and around Salem District. The college has been able to establish its mark of excellence on the educational map by hard and continuous efforts of the chairman of the Institution Rev. Dr. S. JAYARAJ KRISHNAN and the Correspondent Dr. JAYASEELI CHRISTY. The college was affiliated to Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University, Chennai.The College enjoys the tranquil, unpolluted, serene atmosphere located in the rural village of Paruthikadu, near Ayothiapattanam, Salem. It covers administrative and departmental buildings, computer labs and the playgrounds, canteen, students’ hostel etc.


  • To prepare and develop competent, innovative and farsighted teachers who can meet the requirements of global competitive world and contribute to academic excellence.
  • To provide value-based curriculum and dynamic academic environment for strengthening faith in humanistic, social and moral values as well as in Indian cultural heritage and democracy.
  • To create facilities for imparting quality education and grow into a centre of excellence in field of teacher education.


To imbibe the attributes of dedication, diligence, sense of discernment and dignity of teaching profession in our prospective teacher.


  • To develop reflective, critical and creative thinking among prospective teacher
  • To develop inter-personal and social skills along with right attitude and self - motivation for continuous learning among prospective teacher
  • To bring about physical, emotional, intellectual and ethical integration of student - teachers with a view of evolving a "Complete Teacher" possessing the basic values of secularism, national integration and truthfulness.

About Management

St. Grace Lilian College of Education , Salem is run by the respected ICMC Educational Trust. Our esteemed Management is a philanthropic one. The trust is managed by well educated and respectable members in the society with sole ambition of imparting education to the poor and the underprivileged.

The following are the members of the ICMC Educational Trust

Rev. Dr. S. Jayaraj Krishnan, Chairman

Dr. Mrs. Jayaseeli Christy, Correspondent

Rev. Dr. J. David Livingston, General Manager and Joint Director

Mrs. Sophia DavidLivingston, Administrative Director

Dr. J. Neva Lily Esther, Chief Medical Officer and Joint Director

Rev. Dr. J. Basil Bright, Joint Director

Dr. Joy Agnees Administrative Director

The management runs the following institutions apart from St. Grace Lilian College of Education.

Salem Christian College of Arts and Science

St. Basil College of Education for Women

St. Bonnie White of College Nursing

St. Graham Nursery &Primary School

St. Graham Higher Secondary School

St. Neva Miller Matriculation School

St. Basil Matriculation School

The Trust Members of ICMC under the chairmanship of Rev. Dr. S. Jayaraj Krishnan render their service to humanity in the field of education with a focus on supporting teaching excellence and character formation, healthcare and other activities defining and redefining its strategies in pace with the social needs. Convinced of the fact that education does not lay in the quantification of knowledge rather the quality of knowledge, our esteemed management strives to make a difference by forming the character of women students with competence, compassion, commitment, empowerment and virtues.

The ICMC Management also performs the noble service of running orphanage homes comprising of more than one thousand inmates. It extends free education to all these school students. So far more than 100 students from the colleges were given free education.