This institution that aims at the overall development of a student. We have a specific vision and mission. Our vision is to make it as the Centre of Academic Excellence by imparting quality education imbibed with the social and moral values. Our mission is to transfer the appropriate technology to the new generation. The College provides necessary infrastructure and a team of highly qualified and motivated faculty. We not only aim to educate the young to be successful Student - Teacher but also prepare them to be socially responsible human beings of tomorrow. Our Institution has a very harmonious and conducive atmosphere for students and staff alike. I wish for the very best in your journey to success.


It extends every one of you, a very warm and hearty welcome to our B.Ed. College. In this college, we intend to provide Quality Education as per the norms suggested by National Educational Policy. Your role as teachers in the new millennium has become multifaceted and challenging. Teachers are nation builders. You will need to cultivate social, moral and spiritual values in children. Your role as facilitators for social transformation will require you to develop in children nationalism and internationalism; prepare them to be global citizens; develop in them self learning skills and ICT skills and develop in them high emotional and spiritual quotient. “All round development of the personality of an individual" is the real goal of education. This is possible only by the collective and equitable responsibility of teachers, students, parents, managements, the state and the central Govt. education policies and their support. All these five combine and contribute their best, in discharging their duties and responsibility of students on desired lines.